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IoT and Cloud what are your thoughts?

By Kaushaln09 ·
What will be the future of cloud as lots of data being generated by IoT devices and will it survive in the long run?
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IoT and Cloud

by alexanealessia In reply to IoT and Cloud what are yo ...

IoT refers to connecting things and devices over the Internet. Cloud computing refers to storing and retrieving any type of data over the internet from data centers. Both are advanced technologies that are used by every industry.

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IoT and Cloud

by jahagirdarajinkya In reply to IoT and Cloud what are yo ...

The internet of Things is starting to transform daily tasks are completed. The Internet of Things (IoT) consists of everyday objects – physical devices, vehicles, buildings etc. with embedded electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, allowing them to collect, send and receive data. The IoT generates a vast amount of Big Data and this in turn puts a huge strain on Internet Infrastructure. As a result, this forces companies to find solutions to minimize the pressure and solve their problem of transferring large amounts of data.

Cloud computing has entered the mainstream of information technology, providing scalability in delivery of enterprise applications and Software as a Service (SaaS). Companies are now migrating their information operations to the cloud. Many cloud providers can allow for your data to be either transferred via your traditional internet connection or via a dedicated direct link. The benefit of a direct link into the cloud will ensure that your data is uncontended and that the traffic is not crossing the internet and the Quality of Service can be controlled.

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Cloud and Storing data generated by IoT devices

by pooja1588142131 In reply to IoT and Cloud what are yo ...

It is important to consider every use case individually and check what particular IoT challenge it is providing an answer to. If we understand the environment first, and then the problems it presents to its respective organizations, IT experts can design a faster path to implementing the necessary solutions, it can be machine learning or AI.

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IoT and Cloud

by deborasumopayroll In reply to IoT and Cloud what are yo ...

Transformation is an ever going trend, which is becoming an absolute need of the hour in today’s fast paced world. With technology churning every bit of information in a refined new format, there is a lot of scope when it comes to data storage and manipulation.

As smart phones and social media begin to rule the roost, there is a lot of conversation happening around what’s coming next. The evident answer of the hour is, the Internet of Things or IoT. With the Internet churning out huge chunks of data every second, there is a pending strain on the data infrastructure, making it necessary to look for solutions to ease the use of data storage.

Since the rise of the Cloud, there is a massive shift towards using it as a means of storage for people and businesses alike. Given the scalability and the data dynamics, there is a lot of stress being given on the use of Cloud computing to make data available remotely.

The underlying idea behind IoT and the Cloud computing is increase efficiency in the day to day tasks, without disturbing the quality of the data being stored or transferred. Since the relationship is mutual, both the services complement each other effectively. The IoT becomes the source of the data, while the Cloud becomes the ultimate destination for it to be stored.

As we progress through the years, we will see a lot of changes happening; some of these changes will be gradual while others will be more rapid. Companies likes Amazon AWS, Google and Microsoft will become the undisputed leaders of Cloud IoT Services, making the challenge even more worthwhile.

As the Cloud gathers more attention and speed slowly, there are a multitude of Cloud service providers which are beginning to offer pay per use models to businesses. This way, businesses only need to pay for what the computer resources they use.

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New Normals are IoT solutions

by rohvya In reply to IoT and Cloud what are yo ...

IoT solutions provider will be in huge demand from 2020 onwards. As we all know manufacturing sector, logistics sector dependence on human may cost them huge during pandemic situation. Industry 4.0, asset tracking, and smart manufacturing will bend the market towards IoT solutions.

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