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    IoT Data Visualization for IoT Platforms and Applications


    by sarahjs ·


    How industries increased the operational efficiency by implementing the IoT data visualization tools in their business models

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      Data visualization and security measures

      by pooja1588142131 ·

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      IoT is flourishing very well and many experts and researchers have worked to improve its privacy and security because of these improvements IoT devices have become useful for the organizations but there are chances of security breaches and security threats for their users. Therefore, it is important to know how to secure each part of this complex technology. Also, data visualization is a hot topic nowadays because it is helping organizations to increase their operational efficiency, and employees are getting to know the importance of the distinct value of IoT applications as data visualization tools. SecureLayer7 provides security testing on the cloud, firmware, and wireless protocols. They do research on Bluetooth LE, ZigBee, RF analysis, etc. they prepare the actionable POC for demonstrating the vulnerabilities.

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