IP Address Blocking

By opeolan ·
I just noticed that my system wasn't connecting to the internet again but the system was sending and receiving data. I decided to connect to the wireless and i found out it started working. The IP addresses are issued by DHCP so i decided to configure the IP manually and i changed the Ip address and it started working using LAN. Is it possible that my network admin blocked my IP from browsing the internet?
Also how does the network admin monitor traffic?

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we could tell ya

by shasca In reply to IP Address Blocking

You will find that a lot of members here that you are asking this question of, either are or have been an Admin. "You are allowed what you are allowed".

The fact that you have "student" as your status gives even less credence to your request. You might consider looking up these very same questions yourself. A lil learning never hurt anyone. Well not physically anyway.

Care to ask another question???

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RE: "wasn't connecting to the internet again" ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to IP Address Blocking

Mmm - so you've been blocked before then, have you?

Why did you choose to change your IP address just out of the blue? Lucky guess was it?

As to how the Admin monitors the internet traffic - you'd should be more concerned that you're not blocking access for the designated user of the IP address that you've just stolen!

You naughty naughty student you.

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I am betting more a problem with the DHCP

by jdclyde In reply to RE: "[i]wasn't connecting ...

after all, if you secured a network, you would of course use more than limiting DHCP to a certain zone. Right?

Also could be a bad NIC causing the issues with the DHCP address.

Maybe the user had messed with the DHCP client settings?

Doesn't sound like a way to exploit, but found a problem on the network that the Admin would be happy to hear about.

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The only way to know

by jdclyde In reply to IP Address Blocking

is go ask your admin.

Is there a reason you shouldn't be able to browse certain areas?

Could be as simple as a timed out IP lease.

Go, seek your answers, and find the light.....

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RE: "Go, seek your answers, and find the light..... " -

by OldER Mycroft In reply to The only way to know

From whence you will experience Clarity.

Clarity is the force given to a fist sent in the direction of a face, that when hit, has no difficulty in seeing stars!

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