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IP address by username.

By roman_empire ·
I am running Win2K domain in a mixed mode. Is there a command or series of commands that could help me determine IP address of the workstation where certain user is logged in? So, I do know username and I need to figure out the ip address.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to IP address by username.

Well, try this.
Open a Command Prompt and type in:


This will list all active connections your computer has, and all connections that are in the process of disconnecting (TIMED_WAIT)

Then to find out the IP where user BOB is logged in, do this:


That will send a Windows Messenger popup box to each machine that BOB is logged into.

Now, after the NET SEND command, do the NETSTAT -n again.

You should have at least one new connection, probably on port 139 or 138 (I forget right now which port it will use).

That will be where BOB is logged in at that moment.

So there you go, you will have the IP address that BOB is logged in with.

hope this helps

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by roman_empire In reply to
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by ewgny In reply to IP address by username.
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by roman_empire In reply to

I tried nbtscan but it is not a straight forward way of solving my problem especially on a large network. The first answer is much simpler, more elegant and solves my problem precisely.

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by roman_empire In reply to IP address by username.

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