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    IP address class


    by nicole_howard ·


    Would the IP address considered a part of class C?

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      No, it’s a reserved Multicast address.

      by thamer ·

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      The first byte of an IP address identifies which of the three network classes that address belongs to. The ranges for that first byte are as follows:

      Class A: 1 to 126 (1.h.h.h to 126.h.h.h)
      Class B: 128 to 191 (128.n.h.h to 191.n.h.h)
      Class C: 192 to 223 (192.n.n.h to 223.n.n.h)

      Where n represents the network address and h represents the host address.

      They range from to are called Multicast addresses and are used to send packets to a group of hosts or routers.

      Addresses in the range from to ( are reserved Multicast addresses for the local subnet and are not forwarded by IP routers regardless of the Time to Live (TTL) in the IP header.

      For a list of these reserved Multicast addresses check the following page
      (Eliminate spaces from the URL name when you cut and paste)

      So to answer your question, is not a class C address… it is a reserved Base Address for the use of routing protocols and other low-level topology discovery or maintenance protocols.

      I hope you find this … helpful.

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      IP Address Class…

      by vze393zf ·

      In reply to IP address class

      The answer to your question is NO. That address range is reserved for Class D, and is only used for preallocated for use with IP Multicast applications. Click here to learn more about IP address class breakdowns.

      And link to here for information regarding IP Multicasting basics.



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      No, Class C – 191-223

      by cmike241 ·

      In reply to IP address class

      No, Class C – 191-223

      Mike Carney

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