IP address conflict

By meltedfire13 ·
yesterday both my computers (lap top and desk top) came up with an error message saying that theres a conflict with the IP address. my lap top can't connect to the internet and it no longer shows up with any wireless networks in range or the little wireless connect thing in the task bar. at first even though that didn't show up the internet would work, but now it doesn't at all. now the error message doesn't show up anymore either..but im pretty sure thats still what the problem is.
the desk top has connection though, so i have no idea whats wrong. if it makes any difference, im using a linksys router. ive heard from reading some other things that someone else might be using my internet connection and thats messing up the IP address. i'd put a password on the router but im not sure how to
can anybody help to solve any of this?
please and thank you :]

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Additional information, please

by Tig2 In reply to IP address conflict

What is your OS?

Had anything changed from prior to this occurring?

Do you have a pass on the router? Or do you need some instruction on how to do so?

To begin with, unplug your modem and your router. Wait one minute. Plug in the modem. Let it finish it's POST (power on self test) cycle. Then plug in the router. Let it complete POST. Now try to connect with your laptop first, then your desktop.

I use Comcast (Comcrap) as a provider. I go through this exercise routinely.

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by meltedfire13 In reply to Additional information, p ...

i have windows xp.. and nope i haven't made any changes lately

i dont have a pass on my not sure how to put one on there

i've unplugged the modem and the router a few times and the first couple tries the lap top could connect, but now it wont work anymore

and i have verizon as a provider...doesn't seem like they're much better though

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address conflict

by Robininja In reply to IP address conflict

how are ip addresses assigned (static or DHCP) if two machines end up with the same ip address on your network this is the error that will occur and one network card will probably be disabled.The fact that your desktop connect show that your router configuration is ok.go to the command prompt an type ipconfig/all on each machine, this will give you the ip address of each machine, if they are different it means that some probably is using your wirwless network and you shouls at least read the manual for your router and configure at least WEP and MAC filtering for you network,

hope this helps

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Assigning Password to your router

by sajishdynamic In reply to address conflict

In order to assign a password to your router :-

On your computer start->run->cmd (type it) then push the ok button
on the dos window type ipconfig and then press the enter button on the keyboard.
that will show you the ip address and the default gateway.

now note this default gateway.

now open a internet explorer
and in the address bar type the default gateway that you got in the previous step :

For eg :

it will come up with your router interface

now on this page search for wireless setting
and make sure you select the WEP key option
make sure that the WEP key is on.

it will then ask you to enter a password
please do the same and remember the password

I am sending you a small link of a linksys router, as to where you can enable the WEP key its different for different router and i don't know what kind of router you are using

Hope that helps you

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