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IP Address Conflict

By abbagirl ·
Hola. I have Comcast broadband and a Belkin router with three computers connected to it, one via an ethernet cable and two via wireless cards. Despite strong connections to the router on all three computers, I recently started having trouble with my connection suddenly flaking out, constantly, and I am getting an error message that states "Windows System Error - There is an IP address conflict with another system on the network." In order to get my internet connection back, I have to turn my modem to standby, unplug my router, and wait a few minutes before plugging everything back in. Then it seems to work for a little while before starting the whole process over agin.

I changed the settings on all three computers, under Network Connections, IP/TCP properties, so that it would automatically decect the IP address and DNS server. This resolved the error message but not the problem with my connection, as now I can watch it come in and out constantly on all three computers. Does anyone know what this means?

I ran ipconfig on all three, and the IP address on two of them was exactly the same, but the other was slightly different I am not really a techie, so please be gentle and use small words. : )

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by CG IT In reply to IP Address Conflict

did you set security on your router so that only your 3 computers can connect to it? Sounds like a neighbor found your wireless and ha ha is using your internet connection.

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by mjd420nova In reply to IP Address Conflict

I concur with checking the security on the router. If you look at the DHCP client list and see other computers that you know aren't yours, jot down the MAC addresses and then go to the MAC address filtering area, identify the computer by MAC address and click on the "BLOCK" box. The problem you have may be that others are getting into your router wireless and your computers with the same IP can't get in.

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by abbagirl In reply to IP Address Conflict

Yep. I have it set so you need a password to log in, and on my "view wireless networks" it says "security-enabled wireless network (WPA), this network requires a network key." I do have to log into a VPN for work, I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not.

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by rane In reply to IP Address Conflict

As you mention, 2 of your computers show the same IP address You need to change the IP on one of them.Simpler option would be to assign IPs to all the three computers manually.

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by bijoy.y In reply to IP Address Conflict

Hi there,
Let me see if I can help you solve your problem and so lets do it this way.
Since you have set the IP addresses to be defined automatically, WINDOWS always takes the IP addresses of the 192.168.0.x category randomly and therefore, I'wd like to suggest that, you define your own IP address manually in all the 3 systems that you have in your network.
To do so you have to do the following:-
1)Go into the Local Area Connection Properties section of your Ethernet Adapter.
2)Next,select "Internet Protocol TCP\IP" in the list of protocols and sevices that you have there and Click the "Properties" button.
3)Then you get another dialog-box "Internet Protocol TCP\IP Properties" in which you will select "use the following IP address"
3)In the IP address section you enter any IP address for eg: and in the Subnet Mask section you put in a Class C network since you have a very small network.Then Click the OK button and the system would restart for the settings to take place.
Repeat the same procedure in the remaining machines too and ensure that they all have different IP addresses like & and so (notice that only the last number has changed)also, please enter the same subnet mask should be absolutely the same in each and every machine.
Hope this helps.

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ip address conflicts

by chief chiweshe In reply to

thank you for the information,but the problem i facing with the ip address conflicts is with other users on the network who are trying to use the same addresses i have manually can i block them so that they can not use the same ip addresses

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to IP Address Conflict

Start off by disabling the wireless LAN and run Fly Leads as a temp measure and see if the problem persists. If someone else is gaining access to your WiFi point they may have complete access to all your computers contents and that on the VPN.

If the problem persists you know that it's a Local Problem that is confined to your current system if it doesn't reappear then someone is hijacking your WiFi connection for their own gain and is Stealing From You!

It might be minor and only stealing your Internet access but even that has some dramatic Legal implications as if they download something less than desirable it's your problem and you have to prove who down loaded it not to wear the action that can eventuate. Even if you can prove who it is there is every chance that you could be charged as an Accomplice! Now if it's only something like Kiddy Porn you will see a lot of jail time and be placed on the Sexual Offenders List when you get out.

It could be much worse depending on what may be downloaded.


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by abbagirl In reply to IP Address Conflict

I appreciate the help, however, as I mentioned I'm not fluent in tech speak. So bear with me here. If I change the IP settings manually, I also have to enter the DNS server info manually. Where would I find that information? Also, I'm not familiar with DHCP, MAC address, or Fly Gear. Can you give more info on that?

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by CG IT In reply to IP Address Conflict

Comment from abbagirl@... on 07/29/06 :
I appreciate the help, however, as I mentioned I'm not fluent in tech speak. So bear with me here. If I change the IP settings manually, I also have to enter the DNS server info manually. Where would I find that information? Also, I'm not familiar with DHCP, MAC address, or Fly Gear. Can you give more info on that? '

Ok to set your addresses manually, you'll need 4 things. The IP address you'll use, the subnet mask, a default gateway [which is your routers address] and your ISPs DNS server addresses. Where you get this information from is the status page of your wireless router. That page will give you your public address [not your LAN address] and usually 2 DNS server addresses. Copy down the two or three DNS server address.

Next on your router, you need the router address [which is the default gateway address] AND the subnet mask. Usually is for the address and for the subnet mask.

Armed with this information, you can manually configure the addressing for your computer. in Network connections, instead of automatically obtaining an address, you choose manual. In the address block you type in an address. for you can assign an address up to excluding using the routers address as each device must have a unique address. So you have 252 addresses to choose from. I'd start with and go from there. That way your DHCP server isn't going to assign an address from that block as normally it wills start with and go from there. Subnet mask is the same as the routers. The default gateway is the routers address. DNS are the 2 or 3 DNS servers from you ISP as shown on the Status page of your router.

There ya go.

I'll leave MAC address filtering on the wireless to another poster to explain.

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by puterfx In reply to IP Address Conflict

I might as well throw my 2 cents in here too.

Go to Start and click on Run.
That will open a window that will have a box next to the word Open:
Type ?cmd? (without the quotes) and click OK
You should get a black screen with white lettering and a blinking cursor.
Type ?ipconfig /all? without quotes and a space between the f and /
Press the Enter key and you should get your network configuration stuff.
What I usually do is maximize that window, hit the Prnt Scrn key (at the top right of your keyboard) and paste the information into a Word Doc for future reference.

Look for the line that refers to your Ethernet Adapter Wireless Network Connection.
If you are required to enter your Domain in the router, use the name after the Connection-specific DNS Suffix ? like maybe
The physical address that you see is your MAC Address maybe like 00-12-FA-04-5D-XX
You might want to note the DNS server number. You may want it if you want to assign static IP addresses to your computers.

Now for the router.

Look for your Wireless section
1) Change the password for your router
2) Change the Wireless Network Name of your router
3) Disable Wireless SSID Broadcast (that kind of makes your router harder to see)
4) Change your security mode to at least WEP (Shared)
? If you have the option to set a Transmit key, set it to either 3 or 4
? Use at least 128 bit WEP encryption, if possible
? Enter a passphrase and generate a key number and write it down
5) Locate your Wireless MAC Filter and enable it.
? Check Permit only PC?s listed
? Edit the MAC filter list and enter the MAC numbers from above for the 2 wireless computers (you don?t need to enter the computer that?s hard-wired in)
Also, make sure you enable your firewall.

Hopefully this will make sense. Once you get your router set up, you?ll have to enable WEP settings on each computer but you just go into your profiles and copy the information from your router.

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