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IP Address Conflict? Impossible?

By steve.mallard ·
Wireless IP Address Conflict
IP Address Conflicts on All Machines.
Charter Internet To Linksys BEFW11S4 Router
Router set to
DHCP Disabled (all computers static
Channel 6 WEP
Building One
One Computer( -CAT 5 to Router Switch
One Laptop ( - Channel 6 WEP
Linksys Bridge WET11 ( 6 WEP wired to switch
Building Two
Linksys Bridge WET11 ( 6 WEP
wired to switch
Computer (
Computer (
Great Connectivity internet great for thirty minutes?? Then IP conflicts on all machines. Have changed everything to 192.168.2.XXX 192.168.3.XXX 192.168.4.XXX
latest firmware on everything!
Static on everything!
All Windows XP SP2
Switched Router with identical router
ip address conflicts on all machines after 30-60 minutes... no surrounding buildings with wireless! Rural Area....
Ran AntiSpyware on all machines / Disconnected machines one by one same problem...

Ideas ??

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by jtakiwi In reply to IP Address Conflict? Impo ...

If the machines report a conflicting ip address, you should se a corresponding event in the event log, I beleive it will show the mac address, or information that can lead you to the mac address of the offending equipment.

You might want to disable all security just to remove it from the equation. Ensure that you do not have internet connection sharing enabled on any pc's (that could cause the sort of problems you describe as it acts as a DHCP server and will change the address of the pc it is running on).

You didn't say, but what were the ip's of the pc's after the conflict occurred? Could you confirm that anything actually changed?

Finally, how do you know there is no wireless in the area? Those signals can travel over 11 miles. Do you have a decent wireless detector or something like netstumbler to see what the WIC cards are seeing in the air? Good luck.

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by steve.mallard In reply to

No internet sharing....
No wireless signals...Netstumbler 2.0 loaded on a laptop...
Log files indicate conflict with self???? (i.e. same mac address)
Services on Windows XP all normal on all machines....
I've been doing this twenty two years and I can't figure it out... ??? good ideas though

oh, you'll love this, no matter what ips we put in, there is a conflict.... (I even used unused public ips from my place of business to test the theory!) Isn't that crazy!?

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by steve.mallard In reply to IP Address Conflict? Impo ...

Actually turned off the WET11 on the side with the router and ta-da ... no conflicts

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by steve.mallard In reply to IP Address Conflict? Impo ...

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