IP address conflict - no fix?

By sunrunnerster ·
Alright, this is about to drive me off the wall. I thought it was gone, but it's come back. The problem is an IP address conflict, followed by a lovely yellow ! with a triangle around it in my system tray. I have four computers hooked up to this network. Two wireless, two wired, all through a Linksys WRT54G router. There is also a network storage box. That makes five connections.

With that said, my network randomly freezes... which can be devastating when doing something important such as chat, games, email, etc. It'll come back to life anywhere from 5 seconds to 30 seconds.

Wait! Don't say anything yet. Look at this screenshot... who are you trying to FOOL Windows? (You may have to click to zoom in)

So.. obviously, there's something I'm missing or Windows is going nuts. Not only that.. I can't set static ips.

I can set dynamic ips as they are from my router's DHCP and it works fine.. I can copy that information and manually set it under TCP/IP properties, but that doesn't do a thing except cut off my internet connection.

I'm no rookie to networking, have googled all over the place. Someone have a suggestion?

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Add route to your network

by ask.hemant In reply to IP address conflict - no ...

Add route to your network instead of DHCP run on your router with help of following command.

route add "ipadd" mask "mask" "your own domain" metric "metric".

pls let me it works or not

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by sunrunnerster In reply to Add route to your network

While I'm no noobie to networking, please explain to me what 'metric' is in this case. Also, does this mean on my router I should turn of DHCP? If I read you correctly, I add a route for each connection on the network?

Also, how would I go about adding a static ip and/or route for the network storage device?

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