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    IP address from DMZ server to user


    by venu_2003 ·

    How to get the IP address from DMZ DHCP server to user (we are using DHCPServer to Server access switch and server access firewall, Core switch, User access switch and user)

    please send me the answer it’s needful for me

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      by venu_2003 ·

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      No idea what you are asking

      by robo_dev ·

      In reply to IP address from DMZ server to user

      Normally the servers in the DMZ are on their own network, and I can think of at least a dozen reasons you would not want to use DHCP in the DMZ.

      Be that as it may, what do you mean by ‘get address of DMZ DHCP server’ to user?? If you are authorized to get that information, you already have it. And further, that information is completely irrelevant as there normally would not be a route or ACL from a user to ANYTHING in the DMZ, nor would it matter since knowing a DHCP server address on another network segment has no practical benefit, as you cannot get to it, unless you are trying to breach the firewall.

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