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By Carbynel ·
On my DHCP server I have addresses - up for allocation in the IP Address Pool. In DHCP it constantly shows we are near to running out of IPs, and this is causing people difficulty logging onto the network in the morning. When I view the stats for the Scope, it says I have 89 IPs and 89 IPs are in use, but when I actually count all of the IPs used under Address Leases, there are only around 40 in use.

Why is this saying I have run out of IP addresses when there should be plenty left? Do you know how to fix this?

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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by ajis In reply to IP Address Pool

In the morning do not switch on all systems..plz switch on the systems one by one (min 20 computers at a time) spent some time with a packet sniffer (Ethereal) and watched the traffic. You can see that the client requests the IP address from the DHCP server like 4 times in a row before it ever gets a response back from the server. So obviously I start thinking network latency, but ping esponse times are just fine. The server also always replies, only once, with an IP, as if it were successfully assigned. But the client machine never officially gets the IP and uses it. Also, from the server side, looking at the DHCP logs, as far as the server is concerned it successfully assigned the IP. The logs show a successful assignment to that MAC address. Our DHCP pool has PLENTY of address....

try it ..

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