IP Address reg.

By babloo1975 ·
If I delete a mail from my account by opening E Mail ID on computer A. Next time I did same thing from Computer B. Will any server on WWW keep IP addresses of Computers A and B? Please Explain me the entire process going on.

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by Mehul Bhai In reply to IP Address reg.

What are you asking!!!??? Please give more details.

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Will Try...

by info In reply to IP Address reg.

The servers involved, as well as any network device in between, has the ability to log and track your IP address information when you perform tasks like this. In fact, they NEED to, in order to communicate between you and the server! Because of the high volume of traffic, it's still not something easily extracted, or usually freely available by asking for it.

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It depends

by robo_dev In reply to IP Address reg.

If this were a murder investigation and the police had legal rights to get all the information, then, in theory:

They possibly could determine what IP address was used when connecting to the email server at the time the email message was deleted, and presumably also the IP address used from computer B.

This would assume that the email and ISP log those particular events (not all that likely) and also would assume that the information request happened at a known point in time, and recently, as typically detailed log data is stored only for a brief time.

However all of the above is based on the assumption that computer B was at a different location.

If these two computers are on the same LAN, they would share a single WAN address, and thus appear identical from an Internet mail server standpoint.

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