IP address, subnet mask, gateway address????

By sherallene1 ·
Just got connected to the net and would really really like to play xbox 360 on line, however my IP address keeps failing.
1.Where can I get my correct IP address?
2.What is a subnet mask and gateway. Where can I obtain such information

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If you are going dirct to your ISP

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to IP address, subnet mask, ...

you don't put them in.
Tick the obtain an address automatically box.

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ipconfig /all

by taboga In reply to IP address, subnet mask, ...

Go to the "Start" button. Choose "Run". Type in the box "cmd" (without parens) and hit "OK".

At the command prompt (black screen) type in "ipconfig /all" (again, without parens) and hit the "Enter" button.

There you will see your IP Address, Subnet Mask and Gateway.

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is this for xbox or xbox 360????

by sherallene1 In reply to ipconfig /all

There is no start/run button on the xbox 360.
What can you tell me about my gateway?
I'm currently connected with optusnet and have a dsl modem connection (speedstream 4200)

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That only works on a PC

by TechEnthusiast In reply to is this for xbox or xbox ...

The first response contained the information you need. When setting up the XBox Live connection, tell the system to get the information from the connection. This should be sufficient to get you online with XBox Live. If you have further difficulties, there are many troubleshooting guides available on

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Same problem

by burning_monkey420 In reply to IP address, subnet mask, ...

Did you ever find out how to do that my IP fails every single time too.

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help me

by sportsman930 In reply to IP address, subnet mask, ...

i want to play halo 3 on my 360 but it says im not connected to online it failed on my ip address i am hooked up to my laptop

wat do i do

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Wifi or Hardwire?

by LarryD4 In reply to help me

How are you connecting?
WiFI or hardwire?

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How are you connecting?

by LarryD4 In reply to IP address, subnet mask, ...

How are you connecting the box to the internet? Wifi or hardwire to your router?

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i don't know what a subnet mask or a gateway adress is can someone send me

by lol124 In reply to IP address, subnet mask, ...
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Ip address of the domain name

by sinha123 In reply to IP address, subnet mask, ...

hi dude!!
you can get ip address for your domain from

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