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    IP Addresses and Gateways

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    I need to clarify some stuff please. First I’ll let you know my hardware setting. I have 1 Router/Modem form my fiber ISP. I have two other routers connected to the LAN/Switch outputs of that router. I connect via wi-fi to those networks from my computer. I need to clarify which IP address is which.
    The secondary routers or my LAN routers are a Belkin and a Netgear Router, brands don’t matter it’s just for reference.
    1) If I connect to the Belkin router I have one IPv4 address and a Gateway. Another IPv6 address and a Gateway.
    2) If I connect to the Netgear Router everything is different, but my IPv6 gateway is the same as my Belkin’s gateway.
    3) If I ask to what is my Ip Address on the web I get a totally different IPv4 address.

    1) How do I know my PC’s IP address. Does it show in ipconfig in CMD.?
    2) IPv4, and IPv6 address on CMD (ipconfig) is it the network’s IP, or my router’s IP? Are those private or public Addresses? WAN or LAN ports?
    3) Are the gateways on the LAN side or the WAN Side? If on the WAN side, are those the Public IP’s of my routers? or semi-public because they have another hop which is my ISP modem/router.
    3) Which is the public and private IP address of my routers?
    4) Does my ISP modem/router have another gateway? How do I see them from ipconfig?
    5) The IP I see on the browser on “which is my IP address”, is it my ISP’s gateway or Public IP, are they the same? Will it then have a private IP if not?

    This is confusing, so sorry for my incoherencies.

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      IP Address & Gateway

      by sapatel ·

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      Any internal IP address you use is consider private IP address. Yes, you can see these private local IP address by typing ipconfig /all commend from your local machine. When you go out to internet, your private IP address is hidden behind (NAT) your ISP’s public IP address. This IP will show up on the internet when you type “what is my IP” in google.

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