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IP Addresses and the Subnet Mask

By friscojw ·
I have recently encountered a problem with my system and the assigned IP Address and was not sure why. I have a wireless desktop with it setup to get the IP address automatically but the system gets the wrong subnet mask every time. It gets I do an ipconfig release_all and renew_all and the proper subnet is assigned. ( Where is it getting the inappropriate address and why does it assign the correct one if I manually do a reset?

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by FreeTechie In reply to IP Addresses and the Subn ...

It could be the wireless router/ap is setup to give the wrong subnet. It could also be some sort of interference from another wireless network in the area with similar settings.

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by friscojw In reply to IP Addresses and the Subn ...

How do I check your recommendations

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by tammyhurt_37601 In reply to IP Addresses and the Subn ...

Try to configure your router by typing in this in your web browser, you will need to know the name of your router and you can check all ports and ips there and fix them if need be here is the addy when you get there do not place a user name and the password is admin good luck

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by cc_leo In reply to IP Addresses and the Subn ...

Try reconfigure your AP/router's DHCP setting. Make sure you configure the class C ip with
The best approach --> use fix ip

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by rickrbyrne In reply to IP Addresses and the Subn ...

Are you running VMware. I had this exact problem once. VMware installed a Bridged Network component in my network interface and kept assigning me a DHCP address. Once I removed the Bridged Network Component it was fine and never had a problem with it since.

Hope it could help

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