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IP Addresses, subnets and more

By twilliams ·
Before I've always worked on smaller size Windows networks. I just started at a new location and a few things puzzle me. I don't have access to the routers.

1. We have class B and Class C addresses assigned to workstations throughout the network (500+ pcs). These pcs are sitting next to each other and coming off the same switch. Example... One workstation could have an ip of, then pc next to it has an ip of

What kind of routing do we have going on here ?
What should the subnet mask be for these workstations ?

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by BFilmFan In reply to IP Addresses, subnets and ...

Sounds like either a strangely subnetted Class A or private addressing.

As for what kind of routing, your guess is as good as mine. Could be OSPF or RIP, depending on the WAN design.

You can calculate the subnet via the default gateway interface.

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by Sardukkan In reply to IP Addresses, subnets and ...

Networks like what you are discribing can be seperated into virtual networks at the switch level. Cisco catatalst for example.
A large worldwide retailer uses 5 such networks in each of it's stores. At the port level you can assign a range of ports or a individle port to any VN you've defined in the enterprise. Pc's on one, Registers on another AP's on another etc...

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