IP Addressing in a WAN

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I am writting a paper on a WAN design. I have 5 locations around the U.S. and 1 in China. I have them connecting via DSL to a VPN style WAN. I am having trouble coming up with an IP scheme for the locations. I have never fully understood IP addressing as far as design goes. I have to figure out the IP scheme as well as the broadcast addresses and subnets. Can anyone give some advice.

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Keyword Subnetting

by CG IT In reply to IP Addressing in a WAN
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IP Addressing in Wan

by joeyj In reply to IP Addressing in a WAN

All you need to do is select 5 different IP subnets (one for each remote office). Then when you configure your VPN Tunnels at your main office, you should allow site to site traffic through your Host Appliance.

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A quick tip with your homework

by jdclyde In reply to IP Addressing in a WAN

You do not set WAN addresses, ever. They are given to you by your provider.

If you are connecting the networks via VPN, it doesn't MATTER what the WAN addresses are, as the internet core routers will make the connection for you.

This is especially true for a connection in another country, where it won't even be on the same IP block.

Of course the stupidity of many instructors will not take that into consideration and make you do this incorrectly, pretending that you do need to connect the WAN interfaces with matching networks. Tell them they are wrong, and have them show you a real world WAN that is otherwise, they will not be able to do it. B-)

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