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ip addressing in WAN

By musijosh ·
how can one assign ip addresses to a WAN ( three LANs) ?
Given that the topology should be having the following devices connected together.
1.Three routers connected together using serial connection,DCE or DTE.
2.Each router is connected to two hosts through a switch.

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to ip addressing in WAN

If you have three LANs in a WAN (i.e. three LANs, each in a geographically separate location, each connected through the internet via its router), you need to get a public IP address for each router from your ISP.

You need to configure the WAN connection and the other two subnets in each router so that routers know how to route the traffice to the other subnets. You also need to configure the specific ports which need to be forwarded to the internal IP address of each host.

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by musijosh In reply to

thanx,but it didn't work for me.
Only hosts in the same subnetwork can communicate with each other when pinged,but cannot communicate with others in different subnetworks when pinged.---Thanx.

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to ip addressing in WAN

The default gateway in each host has to point to the internal IP address of its router.

Check the routing table in the host. It has to have the default route pointing to the router of the same subnet.

If the three routers are actually connected through a serial connection, not through the internet, you need to set them up through their management interface. Each router needs to know about the other two subnets and where to send the packets addressed to each subnet.

If all else fails, read the manual or talk to the supplier of the routers.

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IP Schema.

by hunter555 In reply to ip addressing in WAN

i would recommend you draw an out-line of what your design would be,and depending on policy you might want to have private ip addressing on the network, connecting the outer gateway through serial connection and the internal network through Ethernet connection,also take note of load balancing,have a separate ip address for your backbone through the Ethernet connection to a proxy server to implement a firewall or DMZ,HOWEVER careful design and policy would help you in this area.

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