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I use ipconfig to find my ip address to configure a RDC from another laptop. I am in a hotel, and from the looks of the ip address, it seems that it is a private assigned from the wireless router inside the hotel. When I go to, it shows another address.
IPCONFIG = 172.24.xx.xx
WHATISMYIP = 83.xx.xx.xx
I was wondering why the ip address seen via the web is different from that I see in my command prompt? Is this a firewall/security function?


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It's pretty straightforward really and perfectly normal ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to IP Adds

The 172 IP is your allocated address within the network INSIDE the hotel.

The 83 is the URL of the hotel, as seen from the outside world.

For example: I'm at home in Scotland with a 3-station network.

ipconfig returns
my actual ip is 86.xx.xx.xx

Try this link:

When you access the site, scroll down and 'see' where you are.

ALTHOUGH this utility tells me I'm in England, that's where my ISP server is based.


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