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IP assignments by dial up service providers

By shpl ·
I use a dial-up account on my wireless landline phone from the phone company itself. I am finding that each time I dial up or log in, they assign me a new IP address. Is this normal or some sort of special security precaution that they seem to be adopting. I visit some sites who may want to grab my IP address and keep tabs on me for collecting info on me, so it suits me fine if I am being assigned a new IP every time I go to the net. That way presumably I am safer and operating with greater privacy. Will appreciate any info/advice on this.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to IP assignments by dial up ...

For Dial Up this is normal as you get the next available IP Address when you log on.

Depending on your ISP it might be possible to pay for a Static IP Address but I wouldn't be holding my breath waiting for a chap option as by doing that it would effectively mean that you are connected 24/7 as far as your ISP's resources are concerned.


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by JamesRL In reply to IP assignments by dial up ...


PPPoE (Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet) also assigns a new address everytime you connect, and in North America at least it is the predominant protocol for DSL connections. This is different than cable connections where you keep the same IP as long as there is power to the modem.

As Hal suggests you can pay for "business class" dsl where you get a static IP, but they charge more for the privelege.

Generally you are more vulnerable to port scans on a static IP or cable modem setup.


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by shpl In reply to IP assignments by dial up ...

Thanks a lot to The Chas, Hal 9000 and JamesRL. Thanks mates. I think I got my answer. I am more or less sure now I am in fact using a wireless DSL over PPP adapter on the PPPoE protocol (A green light keeps blinking on the phone terminal through out when I am on the net). If I am being assigned a new IP every time I go online - I am fine with that because that means the websites I am wary of and who have a habit maintaining IP based databases of visitors and their habits can't track me that definitely possibly. Really appreciate all the info and would not mind more on the subject. I am based in New Delhi, India and the wireless phone company that serves me has close to 500 million phone/internet subscribers. The phone contraption has a phone mode and a data mode (for internet surfing) and if a call comes in while I am surfing the phone does ring and I can take the call and go right back to the internet page I was on. They call the technology that they use WILL (Wireless-in-Local-Loop). The speeds are close to 256 kbps sometimes but mostly 70-100 kbps . So it is not really broadband but faster than plain vanilla 56 kbps dial-up.

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