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IP assignments by dial up service providers

By shpl ·
I use a dial-up account on my wireless landline phone from the phone company itself. I am finding that each time I dial up or log in, they assign me a new IP address. Is this normal or some sort of special security precaution that they seem to be adopting. I visit some sites who may want to grab my IP address and keep tabs on me for collecting info on me, so it suits me fine if I am being assigned a new IP every time I go to the net. That way presumably I am safer and operating with greater privacy. Will appreciate any info/advice on this.

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by TheChas In reply to IP assignments by dial up ...

Most dial-up accounts, and many DSL accounts use what is called Dynamic IP Addressing. That is, they have a range of IP addresses that get assigned as users log into the system.

The IP address you get from your ISP may not be completely random. It may depend on what modem you connect to at the ISP, which router, which office.

As far as anonymity, a dynamic IP is no more anonymous than a static IP.

With a dynamic IP, you are a little bit more hidden from, and a less desirable target for hackers though. Key word, "little". You still need to take precautions to protect your PC from attacks and your privacy.


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by TheChas In reply to IP assignments by dial up ...

The add comment button is missing again, so I will need to post a second answer.

Got your message.

When you use dial-up, your modem (or the one in the box your ISP provided you) calls and connects to another modem at your ISP. Depending on how big your ISP is, they may have 100's of modems at their office.

Each modem has a different IP address. Or, gets assigned an IP address when a user dials in. This is why you get a different IP address every time you connect.

As to anonymity, your IP address is just one means of tracking. The more common method is tracking cookies. Cookies can be stored both on your PC and at the web site you visit. Data in the cookie file includes your computer name, and can be a full history of your visit to the site.

Here is a link to a cookie FAQ:

Having a static (fixed) IP address makes it easier for another computer on a network to find you. But only makes it a little harder for a web site to specifically identify you as a unique individual when you visit.


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by thanetadmin In reply to IP assignments by dial up ...

ISPs always assign Dynamic IPs from the DHCP block , basically if you get static Ip address its loss of revenue for them .Hence alll ISPs advocate dynamic IP for Dialup & ADSL users .


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