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By dmiles ·
I have run into an issue when clicking on the browser icon I receive the following Local Area Connection does not have valid IP Configuration this is after running diagnostics
I have checked the DSL router by rebooting,I am using the onboard NIC,this was not an issue until Windows Udate was run.

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I would guess that Windows Update hosed your LAN card drivers

by robo_dev In reply to IP Config

The best bet would be to do a system restore to a time before the Windows update ran.

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by dmiles In reply to I would guess that Window ...

The issue was resolved by taking out the CMOS battery for a while,I did try restore and that didn't work

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by NexS In reply to IP Config

That is one long, disgusting and frustrating sentence. I am going to <b>try</b> and decipher it -- perhaps next time you could add a few periods and line breaks. Maybe even some quotation marks to specify your error (I cannot tell where the error message stops and the question resumes...)

Try, from a command prompt, typing 'ipconfig /all' to see whether you have an IP address, or a valid one.

Possibly, 'ipconfig /release' then 'ipconfig /renew' may fix your problem, but without knowing how your infrastructure is setup, or what infrastructure is, I can't be sure.

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by dmiles In reply to GRAMMAR!!!!

I take it that you are an English teacher,well I beg the difference,I posted it in a way it could be understood,but that may not apply to you,an by the grammar what tye of grammar is taught in your country

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you ever get this resolves dmiles?

by CG IT In reply to Grammar

If this is Windows 7 I get this sometimes with DHCP addressing because of the Network and Sharing center. Sorta a bloop if it can't communicate with a DNS server, or if it sees an addressing problem like a default gateway that's on a different subnet, llike for Vlans on a stub network.

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Network issue

by dmiles In reply to you ever get this resolve ...

No the issue was not resolved,A suggestion was to give history and here it is,I am using the onboard nic,in hte morning I was surfing the net,when logging off automatic updates started to run,so that evening I started the machine and when clicking on IE the issue was there
Diagnostics was started to looking at the Router and the cable connection,it is hardwired,rebooted router and disconnected the cable and no network tried using the IP in address bar to no avail,tried the lookback process from command prompt and all packets were sent and received with no error.I am now using a PCI card

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Problem solved

by dmiles In reply to you ever get this resolve ...

I resoved the issue by powering the system off and taking out the CMOS battery for twenty minutes,then re-installing,the connection was cleared and now woring again,so it was not a bad nic,so resetting cleared the issue up
Thanks for your help

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In my country

by NexS In reply to Grammar

We use periods, commas, quotation marks. Actually, we can use most of the keys on the keyboard.
I'm not an English teacher, just someone who finds it easier to take interest in others' computer issues when the question is written in a way that is easy to follow.

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to GRAMMAR!!!!

...try to decipher...

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by NexS In reply to Grammar.

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