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IP conflict Mystery

By peter ·
We are currently running a tcp/ip network with windows 2000 and xp pro clients and an NT4.0 PDC. The PDC is also running DHCP. When I reboot the PDC I am recieving an IP conflict with another machine. I have obtained the mac address of the conflicting machine, but when I audit the machines by doing an ipconfig /all on each machine on the network, there is no corresponding ip or mac address.
This has happened on a couple of workstations as well, but it is intermittent. When rebooting the PDC, it is garaunteed to occur. The only solution I have so far is to reboot the PDC with the network cable unplugged. Help!
When the conflict occurs, I ping the ip address from another machine and it time out.

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What model computer are you working with

by abefroman In reply to IP conflict Mystery

Not sure if this is your issue, but I do know that the NIC driver on some Compaq computers has a tendency to report the same MAC address for multiple computers, thus DHCP gives different computers the same IP address. This was a very frustrating issue for me to discover. The fix is to update the NIC driver to the latest version. Also, on your PDC, make sure that it has a static IP address (I'm sure that it does) and that this IP address is in the exlusion range on your DHCP server. Hope this helps.

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Compaq Proliant

by peter In reply to What model computer are y ...

We're running six Compaq Proliant servers and have static ip's defined for all servers. The DHCP has the servers IP range excluded. Ill try updating the NIC drivers, (probably should have tried that one), and see what happens.
Thanks for the help.

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Rouge WAP

by peter In reply to Compaq Proliant

One of our wireless access points was configured to DHCP, but for some reason kept picking up the IP of the PDC. Even assigning it a static IP, it would go back fight for the PDC's IP again. After reseting it, going throght the somewhat limited manuals, and studying as much info on the web as possible, I opted to throw the SMC WAP culprit into the cupboard and purchase a new Belkin WAP. No problems since.

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