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i am using a DSL cable modem
and i was sharing my connection through a switch with 4 others system, previously we all were able to acess the internet directly .
by DHCP we all being granted a different IP address while each n evry one connect separately through modem.
but now it is showing "" windows system error
there is an ip conflict with other system "

and now only one system get the ipaddress at a time .
so help me how can we share the connection without proxy setting


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Try this

by Jacky Howe In reply to IP CONFLLICT

1. Click Start, run, cmd.

2. Type ipconfig /release.

3. Type ipconfig /renew.

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by ryan.johnston In reply to IP CONFLLICT

what exactly is it you are running as a DHCP server? If you are using a modem that does not have a DHCP server function then each PC will be using it's own DHCP pool and asigning it's own IP unless told otherwise.

If you can't get the DHCP to re-assign you an available IP from the scope using the method True Blue suggests you could ellect to use a static IP.

To set a static IP right click on the connection, and go to properties. Highlight TCP/IP and click properties again. Chance the settings to "Use the following IP Address". Put in the IP address that you want to use in the same scope as the Modem and use the same subnet mask for everything. Set the default gateway to the IP of the modem. Set Primary DNS to the IP of the modem and secondary can stay blank, or, if you know one of the DNS server IP addresses of your ISP you can put that in. Click on apply and then ok back to the connections window. Disable and enable the connection and all should be well with the world.

Hope this helps

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