IP Conversion testing 2 subnets one LAN

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We are switching our IP scheme from a to a Our router has two Ethernet Ports, so I configured the other port to handheld the subnet. Both Ethernet ports, on the router, plug into the same switch. I configured a test PC with a static address and I have complete access to both subnets.

I created another DHCP scope on our one DHCP server (I didn't activate it yet). If both scopes were active, and I do a release and renew what subnet would the computer join? Our DHCP server is on the subnet. On the router I do have an IP helper address pointing to the DHCP server. The servers are Windows 2003 and the workstations are XP.

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IP Conversion testing 2 subnets one LAN

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Hi, it may be easier to stay with the one interface on the router and configure the existing interface ( network) with a secondary address of
After the new scope on your DHCP server for the network has been created and you are ready to switch over to the new addressing scheme (NAT rules have been created etc), deactivate the old scope within DHCP, renew the clients IP Addresses so they pick up one from the new range and as soon as you are sure everything is working, set the routers current secondary address ( net) as a primary ip on the interface.

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