IP Conversion testing 2 subnets one LAN

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We are switching our IP scheme from a to a Our router has two Ethernet Ports, so I configured the other port to handheld the subnet. Both Ethernet ports, on the router, plug into the same switch. I configured a test PC with a static address and I have complete access to both subnets.

I created another DHCP scope on our one DHCP server (I didn't activate it yet). If both scopes were active, and I do a release and renew what subnet would the computer join? Our DHCP server is on the subnet. On the router I do have an IP helper address pointing to the DHCP server. The servers are Windows 2003 and the workstations are XP.

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How many server NIC's?

by Churdoo In reply to IP Conversion testing 2 s ...

How many NIC's on the server? I've only had multiple DHCP pools from different networks on the same server if the server has multiple NIC's, with each NIC matching the network of each of the DHCP pools. Server is smart enough to match the DHCP pool with the interface that the DHCP request came in on. With both networks on one switch and one interface, I have no clue what would happen -- my guess is it would only hand out IP's, but I don't know.

If however, you can scrounge up another switch, and have a second NIC on the server which you can assign static IP in the network, cabled to switch #2, which in turn would be cabled to the new port on your router, you can migrate workstations to the new subnet simply by moving their patch cable to switch #2, and they WILL get the DHCP addy.

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