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By paulh ·
Would anyone have a document which would assist with choosing appropriate ip addresses and subnets for a multi site company.

we have a head office with more than 255 ip devices
8 remote sites with less than 255 devices
what would you reommend for IP addressing

each site is connected to the headoffice via routers

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by jhayesit In reply to ip network design

i assume you want a different network for each, so i would maybe suggess.

all of these with a subnet of
this gives you 2^9 bits = 512 hosts per network. this also gives you room to grow. I would even suggest an additional bit so you can get 1024 hosts per network.

hope this helps

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by charles_j_smith In reply to ip network design

I would suggest using Network Address Translation at all of your offices (see rfc 1**8 for more information).

Branch office: (2 subnets)

Site 1:

Site 2:

Each site will have 5 possible networks available to it (for growth - you can change this, I just used it as an example).

At the main office where you are already at 255 ip addresses, I would use one of the subnets for your network equipment, servers, etc. and the other one for dhcp (users) or static ip users (whichever you have).

You don't necessarily have to go with the private addressing that I used, you can use whatever you want - that is just another suggestion I made.

I like to stick with class c structure to make this simple (hence you'll be using a subnet mask on all your machines). There are some tweaks we could do in the subnet if there are some issues at the branch office, but let's try and standardize!

Hope this helps some...

Good luck..

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by paulh In reply to

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by paulh In reply to ip network design

Answer 2 would the devices on each of the 2 subnets for headoffice be able to see each other using a subnet

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by paulh In reply to ip network design

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