IP only works when connected to VPN

By WhoWasThat25 ·
I connect to the VPN from home. i then try to connect back to our fileserver and only the IP address will work, and not \\server.

i cant think of why this is happening, so i asked around, and others are having the same problem.

any ideas?


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Not routable

by Bapster In reply to IP only works when connec ...

I don't believe that netbios names are routable. you could use WINS or create a host file which would match hostname/IP so you could access by name.

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any reason

by WhoWasThat25 In reply to Not routable

any reason that it worked before and not now? i cant think of what could of changed that would cause this

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no name to ip resolution

by CG IT In reply to IP only works when connec ...

to search by name, there has to be a mechanism to convert the name to an address. As the previous poster mentioned, WINS server or a LM Hosts file can do this. DNS is also a method.

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sorry, one more question

by WhoWasThat25 In reply to no name to ip resolution

so when im connected to the VPN, should my VPN adapter be pointing to my office DNS server or my router?


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by CG IT In reply to sorry, one more question

All depends on how remote access clients obtain a local address and where the remote access clients connect.

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