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    IP PBX and MPLS VPN…Let’s discuss…


    by ttosun ·

    I am currently taking bids on a upgrading 6 of our 9 locations to a converged MPLS VPN network. For the service, I’m heavily considering US LEC which has now been taken over by PAETEC.

    For the phone systems, I’m looking at hybrid IP PBX systems from Inter-Tel and Tadaran. I’m also considering a full VoIP system by Zultys.

    I am looking for any comments, advice, pros, cons and any other info from anyone familiar with or using any of the aforementioned vendors or if you are using VoIP on an MPLS network at your organization.

    Your feedback and opinions are much appreciated.


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      We are using MPLS VPN from Sprint with IP Office

      by jbradcrook ·

      In reply to IP PBX and MPLS VPN…Let’s discuss…

      We are looking to expand IP Office to our other sites but right now it is just at headquarters.

      There is some question as to whether or not our Cisco 2801 routers will handle the traffic load. Our vendor, Imagine Technologies recomends 2811’s.

      We are excited about eliminating long distance charges for our sites. We are going to leave local POTS lines for backup and to be able to make calls to the site’s area locally.

      Imagine Technologies also works with an electronic faxing solution that plugs into IP Office and is super cheap.

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        Sprint MPLS…I heard good things…

        by ttosun ·

        In reply to We are using MPLS VPN from Sprint with IP Office

        Sprint MPLS was pitched to me from a vendor from Inter-Tel but our current contract with US LEC/Paetec would cost too much to break. They provide excellent service (we have 2 T1’s voice/data with them). I know they’re working on some very neat stuff also so I think we’ll go with a turn-key MPLS solution with them where they install and manage everything.

        For the phone system I’m going to do a hybrid system with VoIP at the branch locations. Just can’t justify implementing full voip in-house. Why put that load on my network when I can keep my existing phone wiring with digital phones which have the same functionality as voip phones?

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          by jbradcrook ·

          In reply to Sprint MPLS…I heard good things…

          Exactly. Each of our larger sites will be a hybrid using existing phones and wiring. The VOIP for us will just be across the MPLS. Same result without having to buy $400 phones. Personally I do not think that full VOIP is an option unless you have no pbx infrastrucutre at all and are starting from scratch.

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          Hybrid definitely “safer”

          by jeff.a.clauer ·

          In reply to Sprint MPLS…I heard good things…

          I ran across this post and wanted to reach out to ask if you ever made a decision on a direction for your new phone system and telephony architecture? The reason I ask is that if you were considering Paetech, then you must have run across XO Communications as well. There’s a big difference in how Paetech through the aquisition of US LEC provisions their network (some of their own, much of it leased through NNI agreements with other networks.) Additionally, I’m interested in what equipment you chose. I have a rew customers that chose Tadiran for multi location and like it.

          If we get in on the front end, XO usually presents an Avaya bundled solution where we install and configure the equipment (usually a hybrid with TDM and IP, and even wireless functionality for redundancy) and provision our voice and data services for multi node WAN) all in one package with full management. We end up billing it back on a per seat basis and it’s booked as an operating expense.

          Not trying to sell ya, as yours was an old post, but I do like to see what kind of choices businesses make so that I can get a better idea of the decision making environment.


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        I can’t wait for the MPLS…

        by ttosun ·

        In reply to We are using MPLS VPN from Sprint with IP Office

        I’m excited about finally upgrading our network to MPLS. It gives us the opportunity to act as the internet and phone hub, giving us unprecedented control, over our branch location and 3 remote sites.

        I’m looking at a 6MB dynamic T for our HQ. Are you using a dynamic T or straight T1’s?

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          by jbradcrook ·

          In reply to I can’t wait for the MPLS…

          All of our pipes are Full T1 at 1.5. We use Citrix heavily and that reduces our network load quite a bit.

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          It’s amazing…

          by ttosun ·

          In reply to Straight

          You know, it’s amazing that only you and I are having this discussion. With the way technology is going, you’d think there’d be more people involved.

          I mean, we cant be the only ones who are using MPLS and IP PBX?

          Makes you wonder…


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          Status of you deployment

          by bbeidler ·

          In reply to It’s amazing…

          Did you complete the deployment of your IP PBX over MPLS? I have a client that just committed to similar with Paetec and would like to hear your comments on problems, etc. Thanks.

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          i sell MPLS

          by fannashi ·

          In reply to Status of you deployment

          hi guys,
          i am not using MPLS but i sell MPLS. so if you guys have any MPLS requirement, i’ll do my best to help you in it 🙂

          enjoyed your discussion though :):)

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          Need info….

          by thilinapr ·

          In reply to i sell MPLS

          Hi I need to get a few details before implementing an MPLS link.

          What are the different variations of MPLS available and what are the differences between them? eg: L2VPN, L3VPN, AToM, VPLS, GMPLS, MPLS VPN etc.


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