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IP PBX software

By drgnx ·
Hi guys,
I was wondering if anyone is familiar with IP PBX software. Essentially, we are looking to set up an internal phone system that will allow us to make outgoing calls, and direct incoming calls via a common number and extensions. The software should be able to handle at least one hundred extensions but multiple lines. Don't worry about cost, but if you know of any open source software that is excellent, do recommend. Mainly I need a good starting point from which to work from.

Updated info, I meant at least 100 extensions but up to 10 ten lines, though we will most likely not go past 5 for the time being.

Thanks for the submissions so far. I'm liking what I see.

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open source telephony

by shiny_topadm In reply to IP PBX software

I have no direct experiance with it, but you should read about the asterisk project
You didn't specify platform, this is for linux. By the time you get to a system as large as 100+ lines (I interpret that as more than 100 phone lines, which in my experience would then have 400 to 600 'extensions', that's a pretty large system and maybe a manufactured solution would entail less engineering on your part. If you have the resources, go for it!

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Any voip server

by petike222 In reply to open source telephony

All reputable voip server can do these tasks for you (and more).
If you need open source, then check Asterisk ( or trixbox (
As a commercial server, i can recommend the mizu voip server (

The advantage of the open source is that it is free. The advantage of the commercial systems is that those are ready to use, you don't have to spend time to learn and comes with full support (install, configuration and any help from the manufacturers).

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PBXPlus - Virtual Phone System Provider

by williams2000 In reply to IP PBX software

Hai drgnx,

I represent PBX Plus ( which is based on the award winning (Best of Show for SMB at IT Expo, LA 2009) platform ? InVox (

I would like to see you signup and review PBX Plus. I would be happy to add a FREE US or UK number with unlimited minutes to your account.

Your call will be forwarded to your mobile, landline or Skype account.

It works with my Skype, offers free speech recognition, voicemail and voicemail transcription, eFAX (Fax In), Fax Out, Outbound FAX, Fax on Demand, unlimited extensions and sub-extensions etc. For the first time in the industry, PBX+ offers coverage in 40 countries..

The drag and drop designer (visio-like) can be used to configure PBX in just 15 mins. Wizard configures the PBX based on the answers to each question about your business.

Is your call tracking efficient? Are you loosing track of incoming leads?

PBX+ can track incoming callers and insert them as leads automatically in your CRM. If the entity is already present in your CRM, PBX+ will automatically update the note corresponding to the entity with the date and duration of the call.

If you have opted voicemail and call recording for your number, the call records are conveniently placed in your CRM. The voicemail left by the caller is also automatically transcribed and tagged to the entity.

PBX+ can also track your outbound activity into your CRM with the browser integration.

In fact, show attendees at IT Expo walked out ?This is the best I have seen till day for telephony era!?

I look forward to hearing from you.



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