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    IP printing ports with multiple printer configurations


    by techless ·

    I would like to create several different printer configurations and have them use the same IP port defined printer. I want to put different default configurations against each printer (some pull from this tray, some tray2 + stapler …). Can this be done?
    I have created one, and I can do a test print from it – but I can not install it to my pc. We have a Windows 2003 printer server. I know that I can install additional printers on local pcs with custom configurations, but I’m looking for a way so I do not have to do that for users. Any suggestions would be helpful!!

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      You’re likely to get "Copy of …" if you’re not careful

      by oldbaritone ·

      In reply to IP printing ports with multiple printer configurations

      I suppose you could look for some different drivers, and set up different configurations for different drivers on the same printer. One example would be using a black-and-white driver for a color printer. People who print to the B&W device driver won’t have the option for color. You could also set up different options on HP-PCL vs PostScript drivers to print from different default trays, etc.

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        by charliespencer ·

        In reply to You’re likely to get "Copy of …" if you’re not careful

        upon creating the second printer, you can go to the Advanced tab and change the driver to any installed printer driver on the server.

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          by av . ·

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          Thats definitely an option.


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        Hmmm … different drivers usually exist for different operating systems ..

        by techless ·

        In reply to You’re likely to get "Copy of …" if you’re not careful

        When a user installs a network printer – it brings a driver with it to the pc. I understand that I can change the printer settings on the printer installed on the pc. I’m trying to create different network printers that use the one IP in order to deliver different print configurations. IE: if I print this report that pulls from 2 trays and then gets stapled – have it use the printer1 that is configured with those settings, if you want to use the basic configuration – select the printer-default, if you need the print job to pull from the manual tray – select printer3 and it will wait for you to put the labels in the manual slot.
        Each of the printers would use the same IP (those going to the same printer), but you could select the printer you need for that job.

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      This is how I do it

      by av . ·

      In reply to IP printing ports with multiple printer configurations

      On the Windows 2003 server, add a new printer. The wizard will pop up. Choose local printer attached to this computer. Then choose create a new port and select standard tcp/ip port. On the next screen put in the existing ip address that you want to use. Name the port with the same ip address name but add _2 or _3 to it. Then just follow the rest of the wizard. Use the existing driver. Share the new printer.

      Go into the new printer you created and configure the trays the way you want. Then just add the printer to each local PC from the server. Hope this helps.


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        That is what I do … but

        by techless ·

        In reply to This is how I do it

        When I go to install the 2nd printer, it is not available!! I’ve looked at the sharing and permissions, they are similar (different shared name) … so I’m not understanding why I can’t install it on my pc?? Any idea for that? Thanks.

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        Awesome … you gave me the tidbit I was missing …

        by techless ·

        In reply to This is how I do it

        I had created an additional printer to that IP, but it was not available – not until I created a new port with the additional __3 with it. I can now install it on my pc. We can configure the settings on the server.
        MANY THANKS!!

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          Glad you got what you needed, but

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to Awesome … you gave me the tidbit I was missing …

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