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IP Problems

By sherlene ·
My issue is IP related.

I just built this machine. It has an ECS Elitegroup K8M890 motherboard, AMD 64 X2 Processor, 512 RAM, XP Pro with SP2.

I think it's some security setting in Win XP. The Road Runner tech just left. He could do nothing! My laptop connects just fine, so it's not the cable modem. My machine will not renew or even assign an IP address. The generic IP of 169., so on, is the only IP that shows up. No firewall, have reset winsock, reset IP stack, everything that I know to do...nothing doing! The tech said he's seen several new PCS do the same thing, their equipment is working fine. I just know it's an XP Pro setting. What else could it be? The on board ethernet card is working fine. Anybody out there found the same or similar?

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by Jesus_C In reply to IP Problems

your origional post.

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Original post?

by sherlene In reply to Check

I'm not even sure where my original post is. I've been too many places since. LOL!

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Sorry found it

by sherlene In reply to Original post?

All settings are correct in TCP, ect.

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I've seen this with Dell Optiplex machines too

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Sorry found it

I've seen some of the newer Dell Optiplex machines with corrupt images being shipped to consumers. There is something inherently wrong with the TCP/IP stack and only a full system restore will fix the problem. Dell has some QA issues with their imaging process and dropped the ball with this one.

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by SteveFacer In reply to I've seen this with Dell ...

having similar problems, the big problems I am having right now is the video is dying after I change the computer name, does this sound like something someone else has run into?

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Just curious...

by MGP2 In reply to IP Problems

Have you tried bypassing DHCP settings and just assigning the IP, mask, and gateway addresses statically and seeing if you have connectivity?

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by BobTheITBuilder In reply to Just curious...

MGP2s suggestion is part of the basic trouble shooting. If that works but you still want DHCP from your cable modem try pulling the plug on the cable modem when everything else is connected and on. I used to be a cable installer and this is one of the work-arounds. Hope this works

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Thanks all!

by sherlene In reply to Power

It was a bad motherboard. Exchanged it, put in new one and all is well!

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