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By candace1x ·
I am managing my company's network. Currently we used a DSL line from our ISP and we do not have a public IP address. I will like to know when it is necessary to use a public IP address and what are the advantages and disadvantages of using a public IP address compare to a DSL link.

Thank you again for the prompt reply..


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If you have Internet

by cpubymike In reply to IP PUBLIC ADDRESS

you have a public IP.
You might not have a static one though, this is not always a bad thing though.
For example a static Ip can be subject to more or more intese attacks.
Now you can use a DynDns service to update your domain in DNS so that you can remote access, I'll warn you though opening ports is not for the faint hearted or those who cannot think latteraly. Best defence against a gunshot don't be standing there if possible or practical set up different ports than the well know ones and use port forwarding over a NAT.

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If you are hosting a web page or RDP

by cpubymike In reply to If you have Internet

remote desktop protocol, you could get emailmyip off of softpedia for simplicitys sake. Or the gateway your ISP gave you could support DynDNS, mine does and I have fios

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As said, you already have an IP address, just a dynamic one as

by Deadly Ernest In reply to IP PUBLIC ADDRESS

against a static one. You only need your own static IP address if you host your own web site on a server at your premises. If your web site is hosted off site, you don't need it. A static IP is only needed to have a stable location for servers accessed by others.

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