IP rejected message

By masoodsharif ·
You are not authorized to view this page
The Web server you are attempting to reach has a list of IP addresses that are not allowed to access the Web site, and the IP address of your browsing computer is on this list.

Please try the following:
Contact the Web site administrator if you believe you should be able to view this directory or page.
HTTP Error 403.6 - Forbidden: IP address of the client has been rejected.
Internet Information Services (IIS)

Technical Information (for support personnel)
Go to Microsoft Product Support Services and perform a title search for the words HTTP and 403.
Open IIS Help, which is accessible in IIS Manager (inetmgr), and search for topics titled About Security, Limiting Access by IP Address, IP Address Access Restrictions, and About Custom Error Message

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IP rejected message

by bamstav In reply to IP rejected message are you connecting to the internet? through you work(proxy) or direct connection via ISP?

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Through ISA Server 2006

by masoodsharif In reply to IP rejected message

Yes I am connecting through Proxy ISA Server 2006. The message just started to came about 20 days back.

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well unless your the Web Server administrator

by CG IT In reply to Through ISA Server 2006

there's not much you can do. The web server is blocking access by IP address and yours is on the blocked list. End of story.

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I dont think so

by masoodsharif In reply to well unless your the Web ...


In same day message comes on
sometimes on

means it vary not day to day but hour to hour

means one hour before it is rejecting

& one hour after the site accepts the connection

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