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ip release/renew

By blackwolf9999 ·
i have 5 computers at home one is my server with windows 2000 server running and i have internet sharing also. they are all joined with hub with dynamic IP addressing using workgroup everything is working fine except one computer. i can see other computers and they see me but i can`t goto internet and reason is i can`t get ip from server.
tried release and renew and still keep getting and by the way i can`t get renew to work keep getting error message. computer is windows 2000 pro andjust been formatted and re-installed.
changed internet card and still no luck
any thoughts would be appreciated

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by yongl790829 In reply to ip release/renew

First of all,you do not connecting other computer in your Intranet if you can't get ip address.if your ip is ought ensure your network adapter is ok!I think your NIC is bad or disabled.

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Actually folks

by LordInfidel In reply to impossible!

when your nic is assigned a address, it is because of 1 of 2 things,

A: it has a static IP address assigned to that is in use on the netwk.

B: it is trying to renew an address that is in use on the netwk and the dhcp server has no moreaddress' to issue out.

If the nic was unable to get an adress from a dhcp server, it would be assigned a 169.x.x.x IP address.

If the nic was disabled, an ipconfig /all would not show it listed.

My intermediate advice... Make sure you have a dhcp server running and that it has enough address' to serve out.

My REAL advice, if you only have 5 systems, do away with DHCP and assign each machine a static IP address.
A convention that I use for small networks

.1 shouldbe your router
.10-20 file servers, dns, smtp, domain controllers
.100- for management use when you need to plug a machine in
.101-254 IP's for individual machines.

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