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    IP scanners list


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    Hi everyone,
    I have a question hoping one of you can help me since I’ve seen some great advices to some questions before.
    I am using Free IP Scanner to scan my network, but I see some IP using lots of trafic in my network and the Free IP Scanner doesn’t show those Host Names or MAC Addresses only the IP that is in used.
    I have a SonicWALL monitoring the network, thank you in advance.

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      have you tried

      by sue t ·

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      pinging that IP address with the -a switch? It is fast, free and easy. It may not work depending on firewall settings but I usually try that first. If that doesn’t work there are network utilities available. I will let someone else give you some names of those because I don’t really keep up with what is new in those utilities.

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      by nunob ·

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      Depending on the Sonicwall you should be able to sort and filter the logs for that IP information and get lots of information. However if that doesn’t work for your situation you may want to try Wireshark you can get it from the link below. Learning curve might be a little steep at first but once you get used to it you can filter down pretty fast to what you are looking for.

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        Reponse To Answer

        by Anonymous ·

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        Thank you all for your great advices!

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      ping test here…..

      by nani27 ·

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      hi,ping the ip go here and test your ip performance ping test…

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      Block it

      by smason ·

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      Block the address at the firewall and see who complains 🙂

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        Reponse To Answer

        by Anonymous ·

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        This one made me laugh, and it is right too, but if I do that that person is going to actually cry. Why not I may do it.

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      Dont get trapped by “”

      by txtxtxtx ·

      In reply to IP scanners list is a spam site. Do not go there. The WhoIs tool is worthless.

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      Two applications that work very well

      by daniel t00 ·

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      If you’re scanning within your own subnet, try either Angry IP Scanner, or “The Dude”
      I was using Angry for years when I recently discovered “The Dude” which is quite terrific!
      It will not only show host names, it will great a visual topology map of the network, upon which you can interact to run tests, etc.
      Google either of them. They’re both 100% free. I use them within a subnet and even over a VPN connection via Sonicwall.

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