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Ip Subnetting

By nkswapnil ·
Hi Friends,

I am so Curious to do CCNA ... so i joined Netowrking Class....Today they teach us Ip subnetting....but i m so lazy guy :lol: i reach late in class :lol: .....i missed some point in subnetting..

i want to know how to find out Subnetting adress , No. of subnet , no . of host / subnet, broadcast adress and network address....

Please consider me as a amateur in networking field and please show to step by step method to find out all this

ip address - 172.168. 4. 0

netmask address -

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The best way is to first

by neilb@uk In reply to Ip Subnetting

split the IP address into 4 groups of 8 bits and then you...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Oh, sorry, fell asleep so no time to finish now.


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Hey...Iwake Up

by nkswapnil In reply to The best way is to first

I m so curious to learn IP Subnetting..

So please help me..

Give Some hint...

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Please Read Here

by Jon In reply to Ip Subnetting

There was an article published here in 2006 on subnetting, give it a read.**87.html

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by tintoman In reply to Ip Subnetting

I am happy to help anybody where I can, but only when I can see that the person concerned is trying to help themselves, by your own admission you are too lazy to get to your class on time, and so you missed vital information.
Let me tell you that I studied this subject for a week and still wasn't happy that I understood it, frankly if you're not prepared to put the effort in you stand little chance of understanding it either.

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Hmm .......

by Seaweedd In reply to Ip Subnetting

It took me 6 months and 3 attempts to pass the CCNA exam studying between 1 and 3 hours a day. ATTITUDE - it's all in the mind.

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do the math

by Screen Gems In reply to Ip Subnetting

will give you the answer.

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by bchoi9999 In reply to Ip Subnetting

Here are some sites to learn and practice subnetting:

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