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IP Theft is Okay IF....

By tropicoe1 ·
Lots of bleating by the US Government, Microsoft, etc. about IP theft -- but IP theft is Okay (apparently!) if you are a reasonable size US corporation stealing from foreign developers by engaging in serious fraud. You can even extend to securities fraud. It helps if you then abuse legal process in the US, filing thoroughly dishonest claims against your foreign victim in courts that have no proper jurisdiction so that you can then tell any questioning authority "it's a civil dispute".

The civil legal system is, of course, a joke when it comes to protecting the victims of a massive fraud and/or theft, who quite obviously won't have resources to defend their rights. And the criminal system? Well... it WAS a big AMERICAN corporation that committed the crime. It's perfectly fine for big US corporations to rob and defraud foreigners. We just can't allow foreigners to engage in piracy that hurts Americans, can we now?

It's a global disgrace - made worse by the fact that there is also evidence of securities fraud being equally ignored, to the detriment of hundreds of thousands of shareholders in a company run by unconscionable theives and fraudsters who, it appears, will never be held to account.

Come on Mr Bush! Stand up for what you claim to believe in - and not just for commercial convenience and growing profits for big American corporations. I thought America was the land of "justice for all". These corporate theives are making a mockery of your legal system and embarrassing every decent American.

And what about you Mr. Gates? Will you stand up and be counted, and demand prosecution of corporate criminals who steal IP from those with lesser resources to protect their rights? Or is it ONLY bad when the crime is against Microsoft?

DEMAND INVESTIGATION AND CRIMINAL CHARGES NOW! I am very confident the American people would agree that US corporations engaging in global crime MUST be held to account through the criminal justice system - promptly and without mercy. The lives of decent people are being destroyed, and American leaders are being exposed as hypocrits, who endorse wrong doing as long as it is by their own, not against their own.

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