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IPad 3 (THE NEW IPAD) slowness? APPLE Employees welcomed give replies!

By CloudEra ·
Hello TR members and Apple Employees,

Following email I've emailed to Apple Care Manager:

I've just upgraded from my old IPAD to IPAD 3, The new IPAD and i find some shuttering/slowness in some interface like browsing etc..

For Example :
I've got NIKON Pro DSLR camera. Once i transfer the pictures in JPEG format 12MPIX to the New IPAD device and trying to use "Photos" APP to watch it - it takes more than several seconds to get the single picture rendered on the screen. Since the device uses quad core CPU, i have though it could render the full resolution pictures without any hassle, but in the real world, in order to enjoy watching the pictures I shot, i have to re-size them on my PC prior to transferring to the IPAD, which is very annoying and to be honest - also unreasonable while APPLE claims that A5X CPU stronger by 4 times then Tegra of Nvidia which renders same without any problems.

Even sliding some web sites, swiping up and down results in lag and minor freezes which not even happened on IPAD1/2 models.

Not only this, But also slide to search screen gives minor freeze/lag at times which is "old" pain in every Idevice so far. Could not this be finally fixed in IPAD 3 / IOS 5.1?

I hope to get real care and solution for my IPAD problems rather then deal again 6 months as happened with my brand new MACBOOK PRO (almost 4-5 months in lab overall until I could finally start use my shiny new macbook pro..(And what compensation I got for this months of no use? iHome 40$ speakers!!).

Looking forward :)

minus > If you also have same problems and want Apple fix it.
plus > if you dont have such problems.

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