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ipad issues

By The 'G-Man.' ·
Anybody know out the box how to...

Print from an iPad?

Get photos from my digital camera on to my iPad?

Backup data from my iPad so I know it is safe?

How to organise all the data I have on an iPad?

Edit - I do not have an iPad but these questions are going to be asked by millions.

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Since you're asking for millions of others,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to ipad issues

when they ask you, recommend they either:

* Check Apple's web site
* Click the 'Help' function (I assume one exists)

Or are you just trolling?

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Ipad caveats

by mjmero In reply to ipad issues

The answer to most of your questions is iTunes, iTunes, iTunes. Which of course still has you have a dependency on a PC or Mac. Within iTunes Select your device (just like you would do an iPod) and use the interface to move your pictures to the appropriate categories. Once you have done that that, like say-rip a DVD and move into the folder-sync the iPad and the data will move. The iPad creates backups of itself automatically, so no need for manual intervention.

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by jpdecesare In reply to ipad issues

1. There's a Print and Sharing app you can download. You can open a browser on a PC on your network and copy files to the iPad like it's a storage device (just like AirSharing on the iPhone), and you can print from there. I bet iWork has print capability also, need to investigate that.

2. There's an overprice adapter for the iPad that either accepts your camera's USB cable or an SD card (latter is useless for me and photo pros, we all use CF cards...). Also, #1 above is an option. So is emailing them to yourself (I know... I know...)

3. Somebody else answered that very well I think, if I read the replies right.

4. Sorry, that's a workflow issue you need to work out for yourself. But keep in mind that the 4.0 OS coming out for iPhone and iPad will support folders for apps finally... small but useful step in the right direction.

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the one giant I pad faliure - why didn't anyone tell me !!!

by nuttmac In reply to ipad issues

I am a mac nutt and love everything mac does - however having just rushed out and purchased an ipad for each of my sons to complete their homework I now find out there is NO FLASH !!!
That means that it is impossible for the kids to do their homework, play any math games or half the educational sites because they use flash. I am upset, frustrated angry and pissed, especially when I find out that this is a pure powerplay between mac taking sides with preferred software suppliers. Should we start a class action? I want my money back!

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Seriously? Class action? I mean...really?

by ElgatoNL In reply to the one giant I pad faliu ...

Dude, people have been talking for weeks, months even about the lack of Flash on the iPad. They have been complaining for YEARS about the lack of Flash on iPhones and iPod Touch.
I imagine all the millions of blog entries and news reports that are out there are the reason no one told you.

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On what grounds do you think legal action is justified?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to the one giant I pad faliu ...

And why would you buy more than one of a product you were unfamiliar with? Oh, yeah; you already said you were an Apple fan. See what comes of believing everything they sell fits your needs?

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You never heard the term caveat emptor?

by Ron K. In reply to the one giant I pad faliu ...

No ones fault but your own. <br>

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Simple solution- return them

by Tig2 In reply to the one giant I pad faliu ...

Mac chooses to not support Flash on the mobile platform due to a corporate choice to support HTML5. This is not new information.

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by santeewelding In reply to the one giant I pad faliu ...

Are the reason for the government label on my bottle of beer, my pack of cigarettes, the labels and lawsuits around stepladders, and the engravings on gun barrels.

Get the **** away from me before I pick up that last one.

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Don't blame you

by 781lc In reply to the one giant I pad faliu ...

It is really frustrating to realize that we have not done our homework and read the readily available information before we bounce out and buy something.

Surely you are aware you can return them and get your money back .. or is that another "Unknown."

Personal responsibility, having virtually vanished, is hard to accept; but you sound like a good Aussie (served with during the war) capable of handling just about anything .. so buck up, march on.

They are great machines for what they are intended.

good luck,


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