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iPad Pro restarts randomly and afterwards indicates a 1% battery status

By kbmaligat ·
Hi my iPad Pro Wifi 12.5" (2015) keeps restarting. And upon restart the battery indicates 1% battery status, and after 1 minute or so the indicator returns to the original state of battery. This happens randomly even when the unit is charged.

I already restored and updated the iOS and even reset it to factory settings. Could this be a battery problem? And can I have my unit replaced even if it is already out of warranty? Thanks!

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no replacement

Unfortunately, there's no way you can get a free replacement. But giving a visit to the Apple desk won't cost a dime. As far as your problem is concerned, it mostly looks like the iOS issue more than a battery headache. Is there any way you can roll back to a backup when everything was running fine ?

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Solutions For iPhone/iPad Keeps Restarting Randomly Issue

by fahadurrehman In reply to iPad Pro restarts randoml ...

Hi - welcome to the forum - not sure when you purchased your iPad Pro but assume you are beyond the warranty (if you had AppleCare) - correct? Plus, you seemed to have done the usual efforts, i.e. reboots (using both the HOME & ON-OFF buttons) plus your restorations w/ no effect. At this point, you likely need Apple's help - if one of their stores is nearby, then setup a Genius Bar appointment; if not, then visit Apple Support to determine your options - just a couple of screen captures below showing some of your choices - good luck and let us know your results. Dave :)

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Solved the Same issue

by LeBrux In reply to iPad Pro restarts randoml ...

Hi kbmaligat,
I had the exact same issue with my iPad Air. I tried everything (reseting, updating, even calibrating the battery) hoping it is a software problem, but nothing helped.
Then i opened it up and looked at the hartware, et voila. One of the pins (the upper one) that connect the motherboard to the battery wasnt connected. A small edge of the batterys plastic was inbetween. I scrached the part free and made sure all the pins were connected. Problem solved.
I case you are afraid of doing this in your own, i can tell you its not a big deal. You can search a video how total replace the battery in your devise and you are good to go.
I hope i could help.

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iPad Pro restarts randomly

by Stephanie Talley In reply to iPad Pro restarts randoml ...

Have you tried updating your device iOS 12.1.3? It has been released with fixing this kind of bugs,

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How To Fix iPhone / iPad “Keeps Restarting” Randomly

by Setu755 In reply to iPad Pro restarts randoml ...

Solutions For iPhone/iPad Keeps Restarting Randomly Issue
This issue can occur no matter iPhone or iPad model you have. It is not strictly related to a specific model. For instance, iPhone 6. Even though it’s a quite new series, many users have been complaining their iPhone 6 keeps restarting and shutting off randomly. As we said, there are many factors why the issue may appear – apps, a glitch in iOS, or a hardware issue.


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Troubleshoot iPad Pro restarts randomly

by shawenswift06 In reply to iPad Pro restarts randoml ...

Hi, if you make sure that there is nothing wrong with your device hardware that causes the problem, you can consider using a repair tool to fix it. I have used such a tool called Joyoshare UltFix to fix my iPhone stuck in boot loop. It can easily this kind of issue and cause no data loss. This is why I choose it to fix my iPhone issue. Maybe you can have a shot. Good luck!

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iPad Pro restarts randomly

by TemikaWilfingerFNI In reply to iPad Pro restarts randoml ...

Since resetting and updating iOS issues can't solve this problem, the following methods are worth a try:
1. Upgrade all apps to the latest version on the iPad
2. Remove Buggy Apps on your iPad
3. Restore the iPad to its original factory settings via iTunes: iPad connected to PC > Launch iTunes > Click "Restore iPad" > Wait for recovery to complete.
If the problem of constant restart only occurs during the charging process, it is very likely that the hardware has failed. You will need to clean the USB port, use the original USB, or you may need to replace the battery.
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