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    IpConfig/Release and renew Does not work!! plz Help


    by hhhthgm ·

    Hi Guys,
    I just Joined The community in Hopes That I might Get Help!!
    I need To change my Ip Using “Ipconfig/release and ipconfig/renew” through Cmd prompt!!
    Now before u tell me to Switch oFf and Switch On my Modem, i have to say that sWitch off and On Methos Works perfectly Fine for me!! my Ip changes every time i do it!!
    But the Problem is switching On my modem back again takes About ten minutes Solid untill all the lights Are On…. and it really gets on my nerves everytime i have to Do it!!!

    So i want to Use this ipconfig/release renew feature…
    i have been through many help forums over the Internet regarding this and tried The following—

    * I have Changed/spoofed/cloned My Mac Address Successfully!both through My OS (Xp Sp2) and through Router Configuration.

    *I Have Set Lan Connection Properties to Automaticlly Detet Settings
    *I Have Set Tcp/Ip propeties to automatically Obtain Ip address and Dns server address

    Router Settings:
    *ISP is Set to PPPoA/PPPoE
    *DHCP is Enabled
    *Router Firewall is Disabled BUt Normall Windows Firewall is ON!!
    *Ip address is Set – Dynamic IP
    *NAT is Enabled
    *Connection is Set to “Always On” (not Connection on demand or manual)
    *In NAT sessions “Single IP” is Set (i donot know what that Is) the another Option given is Multiple Ip
    *ACL is activated ( i have no knowledge Of that Either!! but Wiki says “Access Control Listing”)

    Things I havent Done –

    *Disable NAT – Some forums Suggested I Do it but Some other forums claimed it is Dangerous and it would open up connection Completely , make it vulnerale for attacks!!

    *Run the “Windowsfixit.Exe” program …. My friends told me to run the program but as per certain forums it is Useless if if could already get a Dynamic Ip change through Swtich off and Switch ON!! :pfff:

    My Ipconfig diisplays an Ip Starting With 192.168.1… which I presume is the Internal Ip of my Computer that would mean the External Ip Assigned is Taken up by the Router!!

    Now one of The forums Gave Instructions that unless i Could get my system to get that External Ip to my Computer and Not the Router..
    release and renew method would keep Failing!!
    I Donot Know if this is true or to get external Ip to my comp (if It is True)!!

    I have been trying to make “release and renew” method to Work for about Three Months but to no avail….!!
    Hopefully if u guys could help me achieve it!! 🙁

    Thank u in advance!!

    I use avast antivirus and malwarebytes antimalware as a supplemantary!!
    Avast Doesn block any sites or Connection but it does run a Script Virus scan before Connecting to any site even if it is Google!!( if it should be a matter of Consideration)…
    I only use Malwarebytes Antimalware Occasionally!!

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      by hhhthgm ·

      In reply to IpConfig/Release and renew Does not work!! plz Help


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      Did you

      by santeewelding ·

      In reply to IpConfig/Release and renew Does not work!! plz Help

      Take speed before you posted? What’s with all the agitation?

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      OK I’m lost here

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to IpConfig/Release and renew Does not work!! plz Help

      Why do you need to change the IP Address?

      Also much more importantly here the Modem should not take 10 minutes to reboot so what is it and have you tried rebooting it without the computer connected [i]if the computer is the only thing directly connected tot he modem?[/i]

      What’s wrong with using a Static IP Address anyway? The IP Address that the Modem gets is distributed by the ISP and that is what gives you a connection to the ISP then the Modem is issuing a Internal IP Address to any connected computers or it may issue a DHCP Address again to the Internal LAN. Have you tried turning off the DHCP Addressing int he Modem and you should enable the Firewall in it which will be a Nix Firewall.

      Also the Windows Firewall is next to useless so while it doesn’t hurt to be on it’s not all that useful either.

      Here if this is a one computer modem combination I would reset the Modem to it’s defaults and start again. They are not that complicated to set up and it really sounds as if you have messed something up when you configured it so that is causing your problem whatever that happens to be.


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      You’re right! It won’t!

      by seanferd ·

      In reply to IpConfig/Release and renew Does not work!! plz Help

      You cannot use ipconfig/renew on your public IP when it is a) on the WAN side of the router/modem, and b) controlled by your ISP!.

      But yeah, depending on your router, you may actually be able to assign the public IP to a device on the LAN side of the router. But you still can’t use ipconfig on it.

      Why do you require changing your public IP so frequently?

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      IpConfig/Release and renew Does not work

      by thundercm ·

      In reply to IpConfig/Release and renew Does not work!! plz Help

      Sounds liek a configuration issue with your adapater or in router config.

      What i would first do is uninstall your network apater and reinstall.
      right clien my computer, prop[erties, hardware tab and clicm device manager, drop down network adpaters and uninstall, from there click on scan for hardware changes at tope of device manager screen (computer with magnifying glass icon).

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