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ipconfig wont work

By trunner410 ·
Someone please help, i am trying to get back on my wireless network at home and i do and it says im connected but i cant open ne websites. I recently fooled around with my mac address changing for a reason but i changed it back. would that affect anything? To see if i am different from the desktop which is connected i tried ipconfig /all on my laptop and it came up for a second then disappeared, now it worked a while ago when i was fooling around with my mac address but now that nor any other command will stay up long. What is goin on and how do i fix it, thanks

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Can't hurt, might work

by Tig2 In reply to ipconfig wont work

Turn off laptop. Remove battery. Wait 30 second minimum. Replace battery. Leave laptop off.

Pull power from both modem and router. Wait 30 second minimum. Plug in the modem. Let it complete the post cycle. Plug in the router. Let it complete the post cycle. Turn on laptop.

It should have forgotten everything and return to normal.

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thanks but it didnt work

by trunner410 In reply to Can't hurt, might work

Thanks for answering but it didnt work, i can run updates but for some reason internet explorer wont work and sorry if i already posted this but i think i accidently closed out the first time

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your running it from the "RUN" command, aren't you?

by jdclyde In reply to ipconfig wont work

you have to launch the command prompt, and THEN do the ipconfig.

The only other thing I have seen is some virusi replace ipconfig and msconfig. do a virus and malware scan from SAFE MODE.

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by trunner410 In reply to your running it from the ...

I was a dumbass and doin that thanks haha, but now when i do run it, it says no recognized as an internal or external command , operable program or batch file. I really feel retarded for doin that haha but i have run virus scans, please tell me its not working now cause of somethin else stupid im doin

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by trunner410 In reply to thanks

fixed that dumb thing, but now how do i fix the internet explorer thing? any ideas

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fixed it

by trunner410 In reply to nevermind

Thanks guys for your help, turns out my college requires a bunch of settings that my home doesnt so i found the right thing to change.

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Don't feel bad

by jdclyde In reply to fixed it

I recognized what you were doing, because I at one time had done the same thing. You learn more from making mistakes than if you accidentally do something correctly the first time, ( and I have learned a lot... )

Don't forget to mark as helpful?

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what was the fix

by johnmo In reply to fixed it

can you share what you did to fix

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