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    by support.kenya ·

    I am running IPCOP ver.1.4.6.How do I set time constraints? I have about 15 users and I want them to browse at different times. For example:grop A can have access to internet from 8am to 10am only and maybe group B can have access from 4pm to 5pm.

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      by b_pope ·

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      I’m going to assume each user is on a seperate PC & there at the least all connected through a router or switch, if so why not just set access for each PC via the router or switch for each PC.

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      by nico baggus ·

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      IPCop is running linux.
      Linux netfilter (iptables) has a module that can
      match time. You might have to resolve to run a
      special script during boot to add these time
      contrained rules.
      This is an IP based solution,

      Another solution would be to use squid and build
      a squid acl and authorisation for users and
      limit this authorisation to a certain time (ldap
      or radius can help here) .

      Kind regards,

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      by ananthap ·

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      You are likely more responses in a linux specific site. One well know one is “” which has got a lot of active forums and users.

      Also, you could try itself.

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