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IPF in Docsapi.dll

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We are running remote software called VNC on my firm's machines, but sometimes when we get users on remote they crash with an IPF in module Docsapi.dll. We run DocsOpen as our document management system, which is what the dll is used for, and the machines only crash when we are playing with Office apps on remote.

The Office apps or DocsOpen are obviously causing problems with it but we cannot fix it. We have replaced the dll and tried running DocsOpen (with the dll) from the server as read-only or locally from their machines with full access. We never get this error message unless VNC is in use and we are physically manipulating items within the Office apps. We are stumped and I was wondering if anybody had any solutions, or perhaps even come across something the same. We would like to keep VNC as it is better for our needs than SMS (which we previosuly used) but the problem continues and happens almost everytime, leaving us with little in the way of remote software.

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IPF in Docsapi.dll

by Excaliba In reply to IPF in Docsapi.dll

I have a couple of suggestions.

First off - Try the DocsOpen email forum at this link:

You may find an answer on that list.

Second. Try some of the utilities that tell you what windows resources are being accessed by VNC when it is running. You may find that it is making use of a DLL or resource that Office also uses.

By the way, what version of DocsOpen are you running and what version of Office.

Hope you manage to crack it. We still use SMS for remote access but are contemplating VNC.



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IPF in Docsapi.dll

by In reply to IPF in Docsapi.dll

Thanks for the comments, the forum had no answers, but I will post something to them if I run out of ideas. Thought you might like to know that we are running Office 95; going to 2000 in 3rd quarter. We use mainly 95/98SE machines, but we have noticed that NT does not crash and so you should have no problems if that is what you are using.

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