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    Issue with iPhone 13 Pro camera

    by thornbrowny ·

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    Recently purchased an iPhone 13 Pro coming from an iPhone 11 Pro. Not a pro photographer but quite familiar with shooting and processing variables. Initially the new cameras seemed better, especially the ultrawide in lower light. The optical 3x zoom lens can be useful if you want to reach further but for using it to minimise angle distortion, like when in a restaurant table shooting a dish, 3x ends up getting too close.

    But the real concerning issue to me is basically how the phone aggressively autotunes any photo you take and if you zoom in to 100% it looks like some crappy oil painting. Horrible noise reduction that makes images sacrifice definition for having “no noise” sake, combined with very strong auto sharpening, and images tend to always bump up the luminosity – if I want to take a photo in the dark with a softer light, it will basically give me a contrasty and oversharpened lit up image – just what I DON’T want.
    Anyone else frustrated/annoyed with their 13 Pro’s camera? Any tips on how to address this?

    Returning it is not an option at this point, looked up online for tips on how to work around this but it seems Apple just doesn’t want to leave it as an actual option to have less AI on their cameras. Shooting raw and processing every file in Lightroom is not really what I want for phone camera snaps.

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