iPhone 4 Antenna Brew-ha

By jefflime ·
In reading Consumer Reports iPhone 4 Antenna review, published on July 2nd. I find it very sad that you're reporting on matters iPhone is generally so negative and sensational. A read of their unbiased report and found it to be very informative and level headed, perhaps you should consider being more objective and less sensational in you reporting? What say you?
Advocate more people use bluetooth to get a better signal and less radiation.
Thank you.

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The only Brew

by santeewelding In reply to iPhone 4 Antenna Brew-ha

Is the one you have been drinking.

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I really hate to say it,

by seanferd In reply to The only Brew

but the brew is "<i>Kool-Aid"</i>.

Have maecuff hit me with a shovel for using this term.

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by santeewelding In reply to I really hate to say it,

In my estimation, needs to be addressed as, Maecuff, capitalized, lest both of us be hit by a shovel.

Now, excuse me, while I take some steps away from where you are standing (looks about).


"by"...alliteration, you know.

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I can never remember

by seanferd In reply to Maecuff

who is capitalized and who isn't. I was frequently capitalizing un-capitalized names, so I stopped capitalization attempts entirely.

Tell Maecuff it's a two-for-one sale.

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Read whose unbiased report?

by seanferd In reply to iPhone 4 Antenna Brew-ha

Sorry, the 4 antenna sucks and so did the "bars" reporting algorithm (for years).

Did you mean Apple's unbiased report? You must be kidding. Unbiased? Who could possibly be more biased?

Try reading some other reports on the internet.

You might also try responding to the article you are talking about, rather than posting a new discussion in the forum.

Bluetooth? Again, you must be kidding. Cell towers every 50 feet, are there?

edit: And that would be "brouhaha".

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I like brew-ha

by NexS In reply to Read whose unbiased repor ...

Looks neat.

Here's an idea: Pull apart your iPhone, create an aux antenna and hook it up to your home TV antenna and then run a wire from your iPhone, into the wall, then up onto the new antenna.
If you have crappy signal then, Apple will have no "Hold it THIS way" excuse.

Just don't ask me to write and Apple reviews.
I <b>am</b> biased. Negatively.

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by santeewelding In reply to I like brew-ha

Would like, Brew-ha.

All has to do with putting up with and suffering the -- your -- hoi polli.

Don't nobody get away with nothing here.

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Grammar police

by NexS In reply to You

"Nobody will get away with anything[untoward] in this place."

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Well since you posted here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Grammar police

What's the password for my phone?

I forgot it and can not get my phone to work anymore.

Col ]:)

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OH Dear (pun intended)

by NexS In reply to Well since you posted her ...

The answer is simple, but time consuming.

But, as described, my answer would be 'untoward', therefor I would not get away with it. Santee has his eyes open, ready to pounce.

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