Iphone 7 doesn't work after update, booting problem?

By LostAlice ·
First: English is not my first langauge, please forgive me for any possible mistakes I may make. I will try to explain my problem the best I can.

Yesterday in the morning I took my Iphone 7 off the charger. I know there was a message that an update would be incoming, so I'm assuming it was downloading the latest update during night.

However when I turned it on, the Apple logo came up the whole time. I tried to reset it by pressing the volume down button and then the power button (10 sec.). I also tried the other solutions by pressing the down button for 3 sec, then together the power button for 10 sec and pressing the down again. It doesn't really work. The Apple logo only comes up when I shake the phone.

I wanted to connect the Iphone with my laptop as another solution suggested it.

However the laptop doesn't seem to recognise the USB connection. There is nothing wrong with the cable because it worked with an Ipad.

Is there still anything I can do here?
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