iPhone and MS Exchange

By randy ·
I'm trying to configure an iPhone for email on the exchange server. I've tried the external address, the FQDN address, the web access address but keep getting the unable to connect to server errors. Any suggestions would be helpful. I've tried with both SSL on and SSL off. Our OWA is set up with SSL, so I'm assuming SSL would need to be turned on at the iPhone.

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Some info

by NetMan1958 In reply to iPhone and MS Exchange

We use iPhones with our exchange 2003 here. Use the web address i.e. if you access your OWA with "" enter "" in the iphone. We have a certificate signed by a commercial CSA and use SSL on. You might have an issue if you have a self-signed cert but I'm not sure.

Also, I had to uncheck the "enable anonymous access" box int the properties for the exchange-oma in IIS.

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Thanks, I'll try that

by randy In reply to Some info

The guy had to leave with his phone, so I'll have to check that tomorrow. Thanks for the info!

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iPhone setup for exchange

by Nimmo In reply to Thanks, I'll try that

You MUST have Exchange SP2 installed otherwise the iPhone wont work with Exchange.

Check to make sure your connecting to the public FQDN using the A record you have specified in your ISP's DNS.

(for example we will normally create an A record of

You may also want to check to make sure any firewalls are configured correctly.

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AD user entry

by rac.techrep In reply to iPhone and MS Exchange

Make sure the AD entry for the user you are trying to setup the iPhone account on has his/hers Exchange Features enabled specifically POP3 and IMAP4 otherwise the iPhone will not be able to connect... you should find this info under the Active Directory Users and Computers in the Exchange Features tab.

Good luck.

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IMAP & POP Unnecessary

by Paul Newell In reply to AD user entry

If you're using ActiveSync on your Exchange server you only need to have the "Mobile Services" and "Outlook Web Access" turned on.

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It is easier than it looks!

by J.C.Alexandres In reply to iPhone and MS Exchange

I did set my boss' iPhone, we use Exchange Server 2003, so provided your server has the proper service pack (SP2), and patches (KB959897 and KB831464), setting up the iPhone e-mail client should be a breeze, just tell the server type is Exchange Server (sync), and it will autodetect the server's sercurity settings.

Good luck!

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Curious About Those Patches...

by Paul Newell In reply to It is easier than it look ...

What are the significance of those two patches? SP2 is a necessity, yes, but it appears that one is a seemingly normal security hotfix and the other allows the use of GZip in System Manager. I missing something else?


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Your question

by J.C.Alexandres In reply to Curious About Those Patch ...

Back in 2007 I had some issues when corporate users changed phones, researching for a fix I got pointed to apply KB959897, I probably installed the SP2 first, but the phones where able to connect after the patches and SP2 were installed.

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Some More Info

by s31064 In reply to iPhone and MS Exchange

Here's a little more specific info that applies to Exchange 2007, and 2003 as well I believe. We have several iPhone users (including myself) and have no problems with these settings.

1. Before you configure ActiveSync on your mobile device, check ensure that ActiveSync has been enabled for your mailbox. To do this, you must provision and enable the Outlook Mobile Access (OMA) package for your account.

2. You can have only 1 ActiveSync email profile configured on your mobile device. You may have multiple POP3 or IMAP4 profiles configured at the same time.

3. When you configure your iPhone to sync with Exchange, all existing calendar and contact information on your iPhone is overwritten. Also, iTunes no longer syncs your contacts and calendars with your desktop computer. NOTE: If you do RESET iTunes to sync with your PC (presumably Outlook), you will wind up with two of everything.

Configure ActiveSync Access on Your iPhone
Step 1) Tap Settings

Step 2) Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars

Step 3) Tap Add Account

Step 4) Tap on Microsoft Exchange

Step 5) Enter your 'Exchange email address' in the Email field

Step 6) Enter your '' name in the Server field

Step 7) Enter your Outlook/Outlook Web Access (OWA) 'username', in the Username: field

If your 'username' contains an '@', (, enter username in
the Username field (for example,

If your 'username' contains an '@', (dmaloney@corpx), enter 'username' in the Username
field (for example, dmaloney@corpx)

Your iPhone and some Apple documentation will direct you to enter your 'Username' in
the format of 'domain\username'. This is unnecessary when your username contains the
@ symbol.

Step Enter your 'Exchange email password' in the Password field

Step 9) Enter Exchange 2007 (or whatever applies to your company) in the Description field

Step 10) Ensure the Use SSL field is set to ON

Step 11) To change how many day's worth of data is synced to your device, go to Settings, Mail, Contacts, and Calendars. The default setting is three days.

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