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    iPhone deleted email won’t delete


    by dpurvis ·

    We have an iPhone connected to Exchange (SBS 2003 all patched and up to date) for over a year now and everything has been syncing well, almost. There are 4 days of email from January that show listed on the iPhone that will not delete. When I go to the Exchange server (remote access) the emails do not exist. Neither do they exist on the Outlook client. They only exist on the iPhone and only the header record. When you try to open the email the header tries to retrieve the body from the server but can not. We?ve tried the ?reload? key with no luck. Tried to delete ? no luck.

    Any ideas on how to flush the phantom emails?

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      by dpurvis ·

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      iPhone: How to Delete Email

      by peconet tietokoneet ·

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      Two different ways of deleting email from your IPhone.

      iPhone supports gmail, yahoo mail, .mac, and POP mail systems without any problems. Deleting email from an account can be done as follows:

      1. Go into your email on your iPhone

      2. Press the Edit icon in the upper right hand corner

      3. Press the Red minus key beside the email you wish to delete

      4. Confirm your deletion by pressing the red delete key that appears to the right of the email message.

      5. Press the Done icon in the upper right hand corner when finished.


      You can also make the delete key appear by dragging your finger from left to right across an email.

      Hope this is of use to you.

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      Thanks but wrong answer

      by dpurvis ·

      In reply to iPhone deleted email won’t delete

      Thank you for your reply but it seems you provided standard instructions for deleting an email. I should have been more specific in explaining the issue. My boss has used his iPhone for going on 2 years and is fairly proficient. He certainly knows how to delete email. His setup includes two clients (his iPhone and the computer on his office desk) and our Exchange server. He has what I?ll call phantom header records in his inbox on his iPhone only. These phantom records are spread out over 4 specific days in January. He has been and is able to manage (and remove) all of his other records (10?s of thousands over a years time.) Following the standard delete process will not delete any of the emails from those 4 days on the phone. The phone tries to delete the email, tries to sync with the Exchange server and simply fails. Those records do not exist on his office computer (Outlook). Nor do the records exist on the Exchange server. They exist only on the iPhone and they will not delete.

      I should emphasize that for all other emails for any other day that the delete process works fine. I?m convinced (but possibly wrong) that the syncing process got corrupted for those 4 days and I need to purge and rebuilt the email in the iPhone but I don?t know how. If the syncing did get corrupted I have no idea how it was resolved after the 4th day.

      Any other ideas? Thanks.

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